Trisha – Atwater Library Pluralism Project

Trisha Islam, a previous project coordinator for the Atwater Library Pluralism project, presents a thought-provoking, humorous satire about what it is like to be at the ‘receiving end’ from society’s expressed thoughts and questions to Muslim women, particularly those that wear the hijab.

Atwater Pluralism Project – recap by Trisha

Trisha Islam, a previous coordinator for the Atwater Library’s pluralism project, explains why she got involved, the type of societal atmosphere that existed when she got involved (Quebec Charter debate), and elaborates on the importance of making videos to promote discussion and understanding.

L’Identité et la culture

Geneviève Beauchamp speaks about her identity as a French-Quebecer and how her exposure to people of different cultural backgrounds has also influenced how she perceives many political and societal issues.

Heavy Metal& Diversity

The vocalist of the heavy metal band “Wrong Hands” talks about how he defines pluralism and how it is reflected or not in society and in the heavy metal and hardcore scenes. He also discusses the type of his music that his band plays, and issues of racism in society and in hardcore music.